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Daniel's China Adventure

Last day

Friday, August 14, 2009

As I am having breakfeast on the last day of this breath taking trip, I try to take in everything that I have absorbed in this experience. The people, culture, knowledge and aura of this wonderful country. I am blessed to have been able to embark on this journey and have seen things I never could have dreamed of. It is a shame that it is all coming to an end, but at the same time I can't believe I've seen this new part of the world. I really suggest to travel in life because it really opens your eyes and makes you even more greatful for the things you have. You learn so much more of the foreign places you only hear about.

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Changing Connections said...

Well, Daniel, it has been a learning curve, and as your student, I have enjoyed learning that has been authentic, fascinating, and fun. In many ways, following all the students blogs has been the best online course I have ever taken. Keep writing, publish; I expect to see greatness from you.

RJ Stangherlin

Changing Connections said...

Just finished reading all the blogs and wanted to tell you that you were one of three students whose posts I enjoyed, day after day. From you I not only saw China, but began to understand it. You made all of us very proud of your accomplishments.

RJ Stangherlin

Karen said...

Thank you for letting me learn about China through your posts. I know you will miss the people of China tremendously and am glad you had the opportunity to experience such an awesome adventure.

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